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 Alex Ruiz
Alex Ruiz is Colombian born Canadian citizen who traveled to Boulder from Miami solely for the purpose of practicing massage therapy; He stayed because of what the healthy lifestyle living in Colorado offers.
Alex understands the tolls life events can have on the body.

He has personal experience being treated as a highly active young adult, semi professional soccer player and being involved in a motorcycle collision to name a few. Alex continues as an athlete in both organized sport and for just for fun.

Throughout his massage career, Alex has learned that no two sessions are alike. Everyone has their own set of life experiences and a unique relationship to their body, which deeply affects their personal massage style preferences and needs. This understanding enables Alex to utilize his training and life experience to tailor each session to the individual, treating many ailments and relieving pain symptoms at the source.

Alex enjoys blending modalities to better fit the needs of his clients. He utilizes treatment oriented bodywork to soothing, relaxing Swedish massage with fluid three dimensional contact and accessing the subtle energy system.

Alex Specializes in:
John Barnes approach to MyoFascial Release (MFR)
MFR 1, MFR 2, MF Rebounding, MF Unwinding
Deep Tissue
Sports Massage
Pre/Post event Massage
Pre/Post Op Massage
Rehab and Recovery Massage
Reiki & Energy Healing
Trigger Point Therapy
Muscle Energy Techniques (METs),
Active Isolated Stretching (AIS)

Alex graduated with well over the 1,000 hours required from the Boulder College of Massage Therapy in 2008 and additionally received his Associates in Occupational Studies (AOS) the following year, in 2009. Alex’s focus was in Orthopedic and Sports Massage. In 1998 he attained his Mastership in the Usui method of Reiki energy healing. Alex is a professional member of the Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals (ABMP).

In his spare time he loves to learn, camp, hike, bike, play soccer, yoga and contemplating the question of life, the universe and everything.
I believe in the innate wisdom of the body; given an adequate platform of support, motivation, and guidance, I believe the human body can heal, excel and thrive in today`s society." - Alex Ruiz
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 Anja Brannstrom
Anja Brannstrom, AOS, CMT, LMT
Born in the South of Sweden and raised in the US, Anja speaks three languages fluently: Swedish, English and Spanish. She moved to Boulder in 2009 (from New York City), inspired by its mountains, fresh air, big sky, healthy living and progressive sensibility. Prior to Massage Therapy, she worked in finance, marketing, Internet development and office management. She pursued a degree in Massage Therapy to reconnect with people and help them achieve better health through healing touch. Anja loves skiing, hiking, yoga, meals with friends, arts and culture. She is an education junkie and enjoys attending new workshops and expanding her expertise.

Anja`s deep tissue work particularly helps her athletic clients train hard and be ready for major events, but can benefit weekend warriors and non-athletes alike. Her specialties include:
- Deep Tissue Massage
- Myofascial Release
- Trigger Point Therapy
- Advanced Sports Massage
- Medical Massage of the Head/Neck and Hip/Pelvic Complex
- Shiatsu

Education and Training:
- AOS in Massage Therapy, Swedish Institute College of Massage in New York City, 2008
- Advanced certifications in Medical Massage of the Cervical Region and Hip/Pelvic Complex
- Advanced Sports Massage Certification
- Finish Line Athlete Support with on-site Medical Team for NYC Marathon, NYC Triathlon, Manhattan Island Marathon Swim

I like to think of myself as a catalyst of change with my clients. Most of the work I do is very patient, very deep tissue work. What I try to do is tune in to the person I am working with, see what their body responds to, carefully test the boundaries without pushing beyond them, and most importantly, be sensitive to their needs. Although some clients are surprised by the depth of pressure we achieve, it is important to me that change is achieved in partnership, in a way that the body welcomes, instead of fights.

"I came in with my lower back in spasm. I was scheduled to compete in the Boulder Sprint Triathlon the following day and had no hope of an instant recovery. I asked Anja for a miracle and she didn't flinch. Her massage stopped the spasming and I actually was able to compete and better my prior time by a full 9 minutes. And I'm still walking upright! I get these back attacks about once a year and never in a million years thought I'd be able to get to the race. I can't tell you how much I appreciated her massage." - B.K.
"A massage with Anja isn't a simple luxury, it's healthcare" - A.J.
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 Hana Knotkova, Restor.
Movement, education. body-mind relation. These are the things Hana is fascinated by. Born in the west of the Czech Republic, she came to the US to study Rolfing®. She chose it over the world-class Czech physio therapy as she felt that Rolfing was still a more holistic approach for inducing alignment and elongation in the human body.
Hana has a passion in assisting her clients to find more ease in their movement, learn some tools to sustain the changes induced during the session and be empowered by the new options for movement and self-expression.
Before becoming a Rolfer, Hana had two small businesses in Prague. One focused on providing bodywork treatment and exercise coaching. The other one was in providing language classes, translation and interpreting in Prague.
She had studied Adult Education at Charles University in Prague where she earned a MA degree in 2003. She researched stress, its impact on human body and mind and how Jungian psychology can guide people in realizing their truth self. Dr. Rolf once described her work as “helping people become who they really were” which was in line with Hana`s interest in body-mind relationship. Hana also appreciates this modality for its ability to effectively address limited ROM or lack of movement, poor posture, pre and post-surgical conditions related to musculoskeletal injuries, changes in the soft tissue due to overuse and many others.
Hana specializes in the following modalities
Rolfing Structural Integration
Deep tissue massage
Soft tissue manipulation techniques
Taping and kinesiology taping
Synergistic Reflexive Therapy of Mudr. Pfaffenrot
SM system of Spinal rehabilitation of Mudr. Smíšek
And others.
Apart from having her nose dived in books related to functional movement, or attending a bodywork class, Hana loves being active and gratefully enjoys Colorado`s rich palette of outdoor activities. She is also interested in indigenous cultures, their traditions and spirituality. She loves travelling and hopes to be able to come back to the Ladakh`s monastery of Tikse where she spent three months as a volunteer teacher in 2005.
We all have a mission, a purpose we come with into this world. It is an amazing path of self- discovery and an absolute honor to witness it manifest in the fellow travelers on the journey through life.
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 Helen Dechat

Helen specializes in deep tissue with relaxation. She recently moved to Boulder to finish up her Rolfing education so myofascial therapy is a favorite of hers, as well.

Helen Dechat, CMT, LMT

Helen was born in the Philippines and raised in the suburbs of Washington, DC.  Massage has always been an integral part of her life.  As a result, seeking a career change after more than fifteen years in a different field, Massage Therapy was an easy and joyful decision for her.

She attended massage therapy school in Virginia, and has since been working throughout Virginia and Washington, DC.  Her experiences in various settings, ranging from a four-star boutique hotel spa to a chiropractor?s office, revealed a passion for therapy driven bodywork.  She recently moved to Boulder to study Structural Integration at the Rolf Institute (RISI).

Helen loves to learn and is constantly seeking ways to grow as a body worker.  She is certified by the NCBTMB, a member of the ABMP, and holds certifications in Traditional Thai Massage and Pregnancy Massage.


Helen specializes in deep tissue with relaxation and likes to incorporate myofascial techniques into her sessions.

Education & Training:

  • Current student of The Rolf Institute of Structural Integration

  • Pregnancy Massage Certification - Claire Marie Miller Nurturing the Mother Seminar

  • Neuromuscular Therapy for the Upper Extremity - NMT Center Workshop

  • Myofascial Release I - John Barnes Seminars

  • Traditional Thai Massage - Thai Institute of Healing Arts

  • Massage Diploma - National Massage Therapy Institiute


Every body is unique.  Every session is a new opportunity.  I come to each session with fresh eyes, open ears, and we take it from there...


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 Jenn Posterick

Jenn Posterick is a Thai yoga bodyworker, massage therapist, and yoga and massage teacher. She first explored Thai yoga bodywork as part of her yoga journey. It was instantly a passion, and she began practicing in 2006. In her down time she enjoys yoga, hiking, climbing, skiing, traveling, reading, cooking, and hanging with the pups.

Bodywork sessions with Jenn are a blend of deep compression, movement, and detailed fascial work. They address the body’s specific needs while also balancing and relaxing the nervous system. Each session is tailored to client needs, everything from injury recovery to chronic issues to relaxation and stress reduction.

Her work is built on a deep foundation in Thai bodywork and western deep tissue massage techniques. To these she subtly weaves in energy balancing techniques, healing touch, Reiki, Ayurveda, and traditional Thai medicine modalities such as herbal compress and tok sen. Sessions can be on the massage table, floor futon, or a combination of both, and often involve Jenn creating specialized homework exercises based on her movement training.

Jenn’s interest in optimized wellness began long before she became a massage therapist. She spent many years caring for top-level equine athletes, traveling with and managing the fitness, nutrition, soundness, and overall wellness of show jumpers and three-day event horses. Her work had her involved in every element of the horses’ wellbeing, as part of a care team that included veterinarians, trainers, massage therapists, chiropractors, blacksmiths, and holistic practitioners. While she can’t deny that her favorite part of any day was spent in the saddle, Jenn got great satisfaction from being the “eyes on the ground” while her charges trained and competed, watching the fruits of her labor and looking for any small detail that she could improve upon with each horse.

My Philosophy:

"I owe my professional philosophy to lessons shared by both traditional Thai medicine and ParaYoga: heal the self, trust the self, let go of fear and doubt, and we can offer our truest intentions to others for their healing and wellbeing."


At Facilitated Wellness, Jenn offers Thai bodwork, deep tissue relaxation massage, sports recovery massage, table Thai stretching with massage (combining Thai and deep tissue), and one-on-one yoga instruction. Sessions with Jenn are built around the idea of creating positive results to benefit her clients, who might also be offered stretching yoga homework for self care.

Education and Training:

Thai yoga bodywork certification, Devanadi School of Yoga and Wellness

Massage therapy certification, Denver Integrative Massage School

Yoga teacher training, Devanadi School of Yoga and Wellness

A.B. (English, music, anthropology), Ripon College

Continuing Education in massage and yoga, both in the US and abroad

Currently participating in the ParaYoga Master Training program


“I can always count on Jenn to find something and fix it. Whatever crud I come in with, I know it will be gone when I leave.”

“I feel calmer after my sessions. Relaxed, but not tired. Like I can focus on what's next.”

"Somehow I manage to leave my stretching/massage sessions without the crazy knots in my shoulders. They tend to disappear somewhere along the way."

“Jenn is my go-to, the one I have on speed dial. If I take a bad step and tweak something when I’m out training or feel super sore after a race, I know who to call.”
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 Kathleen Ebert
Kathleen Ebert has always believed `Life is too short to be small`. As a result, she has dedicated her life to playing big and living fully. Kathleen grew up in Germany and is a world traveler. She moved to Boulder the moment she fell in love with it`s beautiful mountains, people and outdoor activities.

Having been a competitive endurance athlete and triathlete most of her adult life, Kathleen knows, first-hand, the performance-enhancing and healing benefits of massage therapy. It was after she realized she could truly serve other athletes through body work that she decided to dedicate her life to the profession. She immediately enrolled in the Boulder College of Massage Therapy in 2007 and the rest is history. By choosing to combine her love of sports and massage, Kathleen has become one of the most sought-after, highly-specialized massage therapists in Boulder.

Kathleen spent the past four years serving Vail skiers in the winters and Martha's Vineyard vacationers in summers as a full time massage therapist. She rejoins our team as a well-respected and professional sports and deep tissue therapist. We are happy to have Kathleen's passion and smile back at our club as she loves life and has so much to give!


Kathleen is geared towards any passionate individual to enhance overall health, and maximize athletic performance and recovery. She has worked successfully with sports injuries, chronic neck and back pain, shoulder girdle dysfunction, TMJ, Scoliosis, and plantar fasciitis.
If you understand the force of intelligence in the body, its mechanical operation and structure, you can work on any part of the body you can reach with your hands.

Kathleen`s specialties include:
- Sports Massage
- Muscle Energy Technique (MET)
- Deep Tissue Massage
- Myofascial Release
- Deep Tissue Relaxation
- Pre-Natal Massage

Education and Training:
- Iserlohn, Germany University for, BA Graphic Design, 1993
- Bachelor in Graphic Design, University in Iserlohn, Germany (1993)
- Degree in Multimedia, Web Developing, and Computer Science, RRCC , CO (2003)
- Boulder College of Massage Therapy, (2007-2009)
- Facilitated Wellness Boulder, Internship in Massage Therapy (2009)
- Mountain View Chiropractic Center Boulder, Internship in Massage Therapy (2009)
- JointWorks, Physical Therapy & Massage, Edwards, CO (seasonal, 2009-2011)
- Island Touch, Martha`s Vineyard, MA (seasonal, 2009-2013)
- Certification in Thai-Shiatsu Massage, Martha`s Vineyard, MA (2010)
- Training with Adam Wolf, Boston, MA (2011)
> Movement Dysfunction: An integrated Approach
> Low Back Considerations: Functional Solutions
> Integrated Biomechanics of the Lower Extremity
> Regress before Progress: Strategies for Post-Rehabilitation
> Shoulder Issues: functional tri-plane actions of the shoulder complex
- Facilitated Wellness Boulder, Therapist 2011-present

Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.
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 Kim Sennett
Kim grew up in the Enchanted Mountains of Western New York where she developed a deep connection with nature, she loves to garden, swim, mountain bike, road bike, hike and backpack. She studied massage at the Boulder College of Massage Therapy and at the Institute for Phenomenal Touch.


Phenomenal Touch Massage
Sports / Orthopedic Massage
Myofascial Release
Assisted Stretching
Deep Tissue Massage
Trigger Point Therapy
Zen Shiatsu
Comfort Touch®: Massage for the Elderly and Ill
Pre and Post-Natal Massage

Education and Training:

Certification in Massage Therapy - Boulder College of Massage Therapy
Certified Phenomenal Touch Practitioner - Institute for Phenomenal Touch
Bachelor of Science - Rochester Institute of Technology

Kim's training in Phenomenal Touch Massage creates the foundation for every session; it is an incredibly fluid form of massage that addresses the body three-dimensionally, embracing both sides of the body at once and seamlessly transitioning from one area to the next; great care is given to the quality of touch and in meeting the client’s needs for pace, depth, and movement. Phenomenal Touch is a unique and masterful form of massage,and is effective in relieving pain and stress as well as in addressing specific injuries.

Every massage you receive from Kim is uniquely tailored for you. Her personal style is based on the premise that massage should feel amazing while also being effective in relieving pain and stress.

"You know I've been a fairly regular massage user since-- well, forever. I wanted to comment on Kim Rudolph's work. Her massages have a differently quality-- and are phenomenal. She finds all the places that need to be 'found' but there is simply something unusual to how she works and it's so effective and have a special quality. I really appreciate her being part of your team! Thanks!"
-Kathy S.
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 Kristin Louderback
Kristin Louderback

Kristin moved to Colorado from Indiana in 2008, and has thrived amidst the beauty and opportunity for activity that the state has to offer. Always athletic and interested in the human body, Kristin spent her first 5 years here as a personal trainer, then transitioned into the run specialty industry where she was able to combine her love of running with her other passion: helping people accomplish their goals. She has completed more than a dozen marathons, in addition to a full Ironman and a 50-mile trail race. As a competitive endurance athlete, she has benefitted immensely from receiving regular massage; so much so that she felt called to share this gift with others. Kristin understands the challenges that active individuals, whether competitive athletes or recreational exercisers, face while balancing training with recovery, and has an innate sense of how to best assist the body to facilitate balance to maintain or return to health.

Education and Training
Indiana University – BS Sport Communication, Print, 2004
Indiana University – MS Applied Sport Science, 2006
RRCA Certified Running Coach, 2010
NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, 2012
Boulder Massage Therapy Institute – Graduate, 2016
Boulder Massage Therapy Institute – Assistant Instructor, Anatomy & Kinesiology, 2016

Health is the foundation on which all else is built, no matter what the end goal, and regular massage promotes overall health. A healthy individual has more energy, greater resilience, and more passion for life in general. My goal is to work with you to promote your overall health so you can get the most out of life, whatever that means to you.
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 Michael Scholl, ART, Restor
Michael Scholl, LMT, A.R.T cert.

Michael is the owner and Program Director of Facilitated Wellness. He welcomes your comments and questions. You can contact him at:

Before Michael opened Facilitated Wellness, he had been a Sports Massage Instructor at the Boulder College of Massage and Director of Personal Training at the Flatiron Athletic Club (currently CAC-Flatirons). He opened Facilitated Wellness to be able to significantly contribute to his clients' long-term health and wellbeing through the healing power of massage. A native of the rural farm community of Polo, Illinois, Michael enjoys ultimate frisbee, telemark skiing and mountain biking. When he is not at the club, he spends quality time with his wife and young son. Michael enjoys attending personal and professional growth workshops and encourages all of the therapists at Facilitated Wellness to continually learn and grow in their profession.

Michael's experience as both a personal trainer, massage therapist, Full body cert. Active Release Technique (ART) therapist and neuro-muscular therapist enable him to help his clients with proper postural alignment, muscle balancing, recover more quickly from injuries and improve their athletic performance. He teaches clients how to actively stretch and strengthen weak muscles to help prevent injuries. His sessions may include ROM assessment, muscle testing, and movement patterning assessment to better understand your patterning and 'bailout issues' to re-educate. PLEASE BRING OR WEAR FLEXIBLE CLOTHING FOR THESE SESSIONS. (IE YOGA PANTS OR SHORTS WITH SPORTS BRA)
Michael's specialties include:
- Active Release Technique (ART)
- Cold Laser Therapy
- Rock Taping
- Myofascial Release
- Deep Tissue Massage
- Massage Cupping
- Craniosacral Therapy
- Post-Rehab Massage and Stretching Techniques
- Deep Relaxation Massage
- Personal Training geared toward movement patterning

Education and Training:
- Illinois State University, BA Marketing, 1993
- Boulder College of Massage Therapy, 1995-1996
- American Council on Exercise (ACE)
- Certified Personal Trainer, 1995
- Sport Massage instructor (BCMT) 1999-2001
- Upledger Institute, Craniosacral Therapy
- Level 1. Level 2, & Somantic Emotional Release Certificates, 2003-2009
- Biosomatics Movement Patterning Cert. Level 1, 2, & 3 2004-2008
- Bob King Myofascial Therapy, 2001 & 2009
- Cold Laser Therapy training, Apollo Lasers, Dr. Turchin, 2009
- Active Release Technique (A.R.T.), Lower Extremities cert., 2012, Spine cert., 2013, and Upper Extremities cert., 2014

"I am continually amazed by the resiliency of our bodies. They roll us through those stressful times of overwhelm, lack of sleep, overtraining and computer posture. The signs of distress are there. I, personally, receive regular monthly massage and bi-monthly acupuncture. Proper supplements, in conjunction with functional exercise and somatics (postural muscle strengthening), make a huge difference in how I function. Massage plays an extraordinarily important role in our long-term health and wellbeing. Facilitated Wellness, as a business, came from this strongly held belief."
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 Ryan Morris
Ryan Morris, LMT, BCST, BCMT, AOS

Built on a foundation of Therapeutic Deep Tissue, Ryan crafts a personal therapeutic experience by incorporating Zen Shiatsu to balance meridians, Orthopedic & Clinical techniques to normalize tissue and realign posture, along with Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy to balance the nervous system & release trauma as well as promote stress relief, health and growth.

Ryan grew up in Nashville, TN playing soccer and lacrosse. While attending Texas A&M University, he fell in love with rock climbing and pursued a career as an outdoor guide and professional route setter before moving to Boulder. Discovering massage therapy`s ability to help manage his anxiety, Ryan decided to change paths and attend the Boulder College of Massage Therapy.
-Integrative Orthopedic Massage
-Therapeutic Deep Tissue
-Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Education and Training:
-Certificate in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy - Colorado School of Energy Studies
-Associated of Occupational Studies in Massage Therapy - Boulder College of Massage Therapy
-Advanced Certificate in Sports and Orthopedic Massage
-Advanced Certificate in Zen Shiatsu
-Certification in Massage Therapy - Boulder College of Massage Therapy
-Texas A&M University, BBA in Finance
Awareness and mindfulness of the physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies starts the healing process. Without the client`s participation in their healing and growth, my techniques and treatments are not as effective. As such, I am passionate about helping the client find themselves and their ability to heal from within, making the work I do as effective as possible. Recognizing the importance of one`s connection to the greater whole while working toward balance and harmony with it rounds out the healing process.
“Working with Ryan was absolutely amazing! I wish I had known him before my first knee replacement. With the second two knee surgeries I had his help; I was mobile and off painkillers quickly. The difference was astonishing!” ~A.H.
"I have never received a massage as wonderfully executed as the one I had by Ryan. He is extremely professional and puts you at ease. His knowledge of massage is unmatched! I wouldn't go anywhere else!" ~L.D.
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 Steph Kelsey, Acup., RN
Stephanie Kelsey, RN, L. Ac.

Please call Stephanie at 303-731-6142 for a free 10 min. phone consultation.

Stephanie has been happily practicing acupuncture in Boulder since 1998. Her practice has been centered primarily on seeing private clients but has also included providing treatments for patients at Helios Health Center, Longmont United Hospital's Health Center for Integrative Therapies and Frasier Meadows Manor's Wellness Center. In 2008, Stephanie also completed a degree in nursing and has been working at the Children's Hospital Colorado since February 2009.
Motivated by both a love of languages (acupuncture studies and Western medicine each have their own) and a desire to face one's fear (past mistrust of Western medicine), she began to bridge the gap between these two world views of treating the body by continuing her own education in nursing and Chinese medicine and bringing this combined wisdom to her practice.

Sports injuries, stress reduction, immune boosting, pregnancy challenges and fertility enhancement.
Acupuncture is also very beneficial for back, neck and shoulder pain, digestive and sleep disorders, asthma and sinusitis. Children benefit tremendously too and don't usually require needles during treatments. Please call me, free 10 min. consultation 303-731-6142, for questions for kid's allergies, bed wetting, night terrors or immunity boosting.

These modalities are incorporated into her practice and utilized with almost every session, depending on
the person and the condition.

Northern Arizona University - BA 1990 in International Affairs and SpanishColorado School of TCM - 1997 Dipl. of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine University of Colorado Health Sciences Center - BS, Nursing, 2008
Required annual continuing education units (CEUs): 15 for acupuncture, 6 for nursing.

Gratitude toward the body for doing so many things right so much of the time. Gratitude for and awareness of the messenger (pain or discomfort) so that we can make changes and find ways to re-establish balance.
Gratitude that we choose beautiful surroundings, and surround ourselves with people who can help us move closer to our goals, dreams and wellness of being.
Gratitude to be here with this team of wellness-minded friends and bodyworkers.
As the WonderPets sing: "what's gonna work? TEAM WORK!"
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 Victoria Robertson
Victoria Robertson, LMT, RMT

Victoria has been a dancer for most of her life, both professionally and for the sheer joy of it. Earlier in her career, she lived in the Hawaiian Islands, where she worked with a professional performance company as a massage therapist, taught dance and led warm-ups. Since then, Victoria has taught at The Boulder College Of Massage Therapy as well as continuing education courses for professional massage therapists. Originally from Kalamazoo Michigan, she moved to Boulder after falling in love with Colorado during a two-week vacation in the mountains.

Victoria`s career and training have enabled her to practice in a number of venues, including hospitals, rehab clinics and educational settings. She has worked with professional dance companies, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Acupuncturists, and Physicians. Her goal is to meet every client where they are and, through deep relaxation, invite the body to heal and come to a homeostatic place. Victoria`s specialties include:
- Craniosacral Therapy
- Energy Therapies
- Pre-Natal Massage
- Integrative Massage
- Deep Relaxation with focus on Movement Awareness

Education and Training:
- Graduate of The Boulder College of Massage Therapy
- Faculty Member and Team Leader for The Boulder College of Massage Therapy
- Maui Academy of Healing Arts Instructor, Maui, Hawaii
- Ulalena Dance the Performing Arts Company, LMT, Maui, Hawaii
- Cortiva Institute of Massage Therapy Associate Faculty, Broomfield Co
- Visiting Faculty for the Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy

We are only guides and messengers, ones who open the doors or windows for healing to occur. The client does the work. My philosophy is: Be impeccable with your word, touch, and boundaries. Show up completely and make no assumptions. Always do your very best. Remembering, that the healing process is a group journey, it takes many to provide the needed support. We are all part of the much larger system. Peace out with blessings.

"When I come to see Victoria, I know it is going to be a good day. Because, although she always asks, professionally and politely, "How are you doing? What are you needing today?" she already knows what's going on with me the minute I walk into the room. In addition to being a superb massage therapist who knows many sub-specialties, Victoria is a great medical intuitive. Consequently, when I'm in a session with her, and she's running on her remarkable "auto-pilot," good things happen. And I always emerge feeling solid, yet flexible; grounded, yet ready to fly." - Dave Moran, PHD

"Victoria helps me keep all my parts singing. The aches and stress held in my body, as well as my innermost being, feel soothed and restored by her strong hands and impeccable technique. Victoria is a gifted listener and has a sixth sense about supporting me with whatever lies ahead. She empowers me to show up for the whole dance!" - Bonnie Schwab
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