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Myofascial Release
Deep Tissue Relaxation
Sports Massage
Swedish Massage

Daniela Wiesenaecker, LMT

Daniela has been a certified massage therapist and health educator since 2009. Since then she has been working in various massage settings: luxury hotel and resort spas,
therapeutic clinic settings, corporate and event massage as well as private practice. Whether you need a soothing full body massage to calm down your nervous system
and relax your mind or a session targeted on an area of pain or dysfunction, Daniela has you covered. Hailing from Germany, Daniela also holds a personal trainer certification and has taught everything from TRX, to aqua-fitness, mat pilates, rehabilitation fitness and the list goes on. Movement is an integral part of her life and she especially enjoys long walks in nature.

I am a keen advocate of holistic living. I believe that striving for balance in our everyday lives is the key element to influencing our health and wellbeing in a positive way. Massage and bodywork is a wonderful way to counterbalance our often times busy, hectic and stressful lives and calm down our nervous systems. By allowing ourselves to find a place of relaxation and peace, we set the foundation for self healing and restoration. For me, massage therapy is both science and art form. I love to be a facilitator of wellbeing for body, mind and spirit. It is my life calling.

Certifications and Trainings:
- Certification in Massage Therapy and Health Education: National Holistic Institute, California 2009.
- Personal Trainer A-license: AHAB Academy, Germany 2010.
- Yoga Teacher Certification: City Yoga Berlin, Germany 2011.
- SKT Structural Body Therapy: SKT Institute, Germany 2012.
- Hand, Foot and Ear Reflexology: San Francisco School of Massage, California 2015.
- Orthopedic Massage: The Center of Pain Management, California 2016.
- Myoskeletal Techniques: Freedom from Pain Institute, California 2016.
- Pre- and Perinatal Massage Therapy: Bodytherapy Education, California 2016.
- Tranquility Pro Sleep Massage: Comfort Zone, California 2016.