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Michael Scholl, LMT, CPT, A.R.T cert.

Before Michael started Facilitated Wellness, he was a Sports Massage Instructor at the Boulder College of Massage and Director of Personal Training at the Flatiron Athletic Club (currently CAC-Flatirons). He opened Facilitated Wellness to be able to significantly contribute to his clients' long-term health and wellbeing through the healing power of massage. A native of the rural farm community of Polo, Illinois, Michael enjoys ultimate frisbee, telemark skiing and mountain biking. When he is not at the club, he spends quality time with his wife and young son. Michael enjoys attending personal and professional growth workshops and encourages all of the therapists at Facilitated Wellness to continually learn and grow in their profession.

Michael's experience as both a personal trainer, massage therapist, Full body cert. Active Release Technique (ART) therapist and neuro-muscular therapist enable him to help his clients with proper postural alignment, muscle balancing, recover more quickly from injuries and improve their athletic performance. He teaches clients how to actively stretch and strengthen weak muscles to help prevent injuries. His sessions may include ROM assessment, muscle testing, and movement patterning assessment to better understand your patterning and 'bailout issues' to re-educate. PLEASE BRING OR WEAR FLEXIBLE CLOTHING FOR THESE SESSIONS. (IE YOGA PANTS OR SHORTS WITH SPORTS BRA)

Education and Training:
- Illinois State University, BA Marketing, 1993
- Boulder College of Massage Therapy, 1995-1996
- American Council on Exercise (ACE) 
- Certified Personal Trainer, 1995
- Sport Massage instructor (BCMT) 1999-2001
- Upledger Institute, Craniosacral Therapy
- Level 1. Level 2, & Somantic Emotional Release Certificates, 2003-2009
- Biosomatics Movement Patterning Cert. Level 1, 2, & 3 2004-2008
- Bob King Myofascial Therapy, 2001 & 2009
- Cold Laser Therapy training, Apollo Lasers, Dr. Turchin, 2009
- Active Release Technique (A.R.T.), Lower Extremities cert., 2012, Spine cert., 2013, and Upper Extremities cert., 2014

"I am continually amazed by the resiliency of our bodies. They roll us through those stressful times of overwhelm, lack of sleep, overtraining and computer posture. The signs of distress are there. I, personally, receive regular monthly massage and bi-monthly acupuncture. Proper supplements, in conjunction with functional exercise and somatics (postural muscle strengthening), make a huge difference in how I function. Massage plays an extraordinarily important role in our long-term health and wellbeing. Facilitated Wellness, as a business, came from this strongly held belief."