Deep Tissue Massage
Myofascial Release
Sports/Orthopedic Massage
Medical Massage Head/Neck & Hip/Pelvic Complex


Anja is excited to take on the role of Owner and Program Director of Facilitated Wellness after being an integral part of the Facilitated Wellness team for almost 9 years. She welcomes your comments and questions. You can contact her at: 

After many years in corporate Management, Anja changed course to reconnect with people and help achieve better health through healing touch. Boulder became her home in late 2009, leaving NYC for the mountains.  She is an education junkie and enjoys attending new workshops, expanding her expertise, and creating opportunities for clients and co-workers to learn & grow. Anja looks forward to maintaining the high standard of care that Michael Scholl has cultivated with Facilitated Wellness.

Anja's deeply intuitive & patient work helps her athletic clients train hard to be ready for major events, recover from acute injuries & surgery, or manage chronic pain patterns & dysfunction.  Those same skills benefit weekend warriors, non-athletes, and professional athletes alike. 

Education and Training:
- AOS in Massage Therapy, Swedish Institute College of Massage in New York City, 2008
- Advanced certifications in Medical Massage of the Cervical Region and Hip/Pelvic Complex
- Advanced Sports Massage Certification
- Finish Line Athlete Support with on-site Medical for NYC Marathon, NYC Triathlon, Manhattan Island Marathon Swim

Anja considers herself a catalyst for change more than a 'healer'.  Her work is very patient,  deep tissue work; tuning in, carefully testing boundaries, careful not to push beyond them. Although some clients are surprised by the depth of pressure achieved, it is important that change is achieved in partnership, in a way that the body welcomes, and can more successfully integrate.