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Victoria is profiled in this fabulous piece titled: “Mentors: Three Massage Therapy Gurus to Know. We are beyond proud of this well-earned nod to her dedication to integrity & diversity in the field of Massage Therapy.

Victoria Robertson, LMT

Victoria has been a dancer for most of her life, both professionally and for the sheer joy of it. Earlier in her career, she lived in the Hawaiian Islands, where she worked with a professional performance company as a massage therapist, taught dance and led warm-ups. Since then, Victoria has taught at The Boulder College Of Massage Therapy as well as continuing education courses for professional massage therapists. Originally from Kalamazoo Michigan, she moved to Boulder after falling in love with Colorado during a two-week vacation in the mountains. 

Victoria's career and training have enabled her to practice in a number of venues, including hospitals, rehab clinics and educational settings. She has worked with professional dance companies, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Acupuncturists, and Physicians. Her goal is to meet every client where they are and, through deep relaxation, invite the body to heal and come to a homeostatic place. 

Education and Training:
- Graduate of The Boulder College of Massage Therapy
- Faculty Member and Team Leader for The Boulder College of Massage Therapy
- Maui Academy of Healing Arts Instructor, Maui, Hawaii
- Ulalena Dance the Performing Arts Company, LMT, Maui, Hawaii
- Cortiva Institute of Massage Therapy Associate Faculty, Broomfield Co
- Visiting Faculty for the Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy

We are only guides and messengers, ones who open the doors or windows for healing to occur. The client does the work. My philosophy is: Be impeccable with your word, touch, and boundaries. Show up completely and make no assumptions. Always do your very best. Remembering, that the healing process is a group journey, it takes many to provide the needed support. We are all part of the much larger system. Peace out with blessings.

"When I come to see Victoria, I know it is going to be a good day. Because, although she always asks, professionally and politely, "How are you doing? What are you needing today?" she already knows what's going on with me the minute I walk into the room. In addition to being a superb massage therapist who knows many sub-specialties, Victoria is a great medical intuitive. Consequently, when I'm in a session with her, and she's running on her remarkable "auto-pilot," good things happen. And I always emerge feeling solid, yet flexible; grounded, yet ready to fly." - Dave Moran, PHD

"Victoria helps me keep all my parts singing. The aches and stress held in my body, as well as my innermost being, feel soothed and restored by her strong hands and impeccable technique. Victoria is a gifted listener and has a sixth sense about supporting me with whatever lies ahead. She empowers me to show up for the whole dance!" - Bonnie Schwab